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Scent Marketing​

Take advantage of the most memorable sense to boost your sales


A personalized fragrance strategy at customer touchpoints is an effective tactic for brands to stand out, improve awareness and drive sales, while establishing meaningful differentiation.

Fragrance Diffusers

Our advanced nano-diffusion technology ensures an efficient, discreet and aesthetically pleasing distribution of the Olfactory Logo in your spaces, with an automated schedule, generating unforgettable experiences.


Our team includes Alejandra Merino, a highly skilled and experienced perfumer, who holds a Chemical Engineering degree and a Master's in Flavor and Fragrance Creation. Her knowledge and talent allow her to develop exclusive Olfactory Logos, inspired by the attributes, environment and target audience of each client, to convey emotions through the sense of smell, establishing meaningful connections.

We create emotional bonds between your clients by providing them with sensory experiences that arouse deep emotions.

Your company will get

brand identity.
Improve customer
satisfaction up to 20%
Generate up to 11%
more sales revenue

What our customers say

Ana María Rangel

Expansion Manager at Hunter Douglas

«With My Zent we differentiate our sales room through the fragrance.

Now our customers feel comfortable in the sales rooms, because the smell generates a feeling of well-being in them»

Laura Martínez

Expansion Manager at Puppis

«My Zent advised and accompanied us in the creation of a personalized fragrance that has impacted our clients 100% now they identify and remember us by smell»

Know how sensory marketing
helps your brand

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Welcome to the Olfactory Marketing section of My Zent, the leading scent marketing company in Mexico. Our specialized focus on Fragrance Design and Olfactory Marketing positions us as the ideal choice for companies looking to create a unique emotional connection with their customers. With our knowledge and experience in Olfactory Marketing in Mexico, we offer personalized solutions to enhance the impact of your brand through the sense of smell. Whether you need an Olfactory Marketing Diffuser for your business, Air Fresheners for hotels or are interested in Olfactory Branding, our team of experts will guide you every step of the way. Discover how Scent Marketing can transform your brand experience and engage your customers on a deeper level.

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