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My Zent Marketing Auditivo
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Maximize your impact

Connect with your audience.

Transform your marketing
with strategies that resonate.

Awakens emotions.

Create memories.

Build an unforgettable brand
with the power of smell and hearing.

of purchase
decisions are
more recall
when using several senses
in your branding strategy.

"The reason guides, but emotions decide"

Tim Pethick


Take advantage of the most memorable sense to boost your sales


Immerse yourself in the world of your brand through our listening proposals that tell your story.

Success stories

We are creators of the olfactory logo of the Claro Brand, a company of the América Móvil group. We were inspired by technology and the desire to get a new toy. The result was a fresh and vibrant fragrance that sparks curiosity and the desire to explore, creating a unique and memorable shopping experience for consumers.

Through a detailed analysis of the brand, My Zent developed the exclusive fragrance for the Puppis pet store chain. Fragrance that has become a benchmark in memory for its customers and that has made them loyal, guaranteeing a link with the brand and a constant repurchase.

Ramo entrusted us with the creation of a fragrance for his museum that would connect visitors with the nostalgia of his childhood lunchbox and the unique flavor of his products. The result is an olfactory experience that awakens the appetite and transports visitors through their sweetest memories.

Do you want to differentiate yourself in the Mexican market
and create memorable connections with your clients?

My Zent offers you personalized sensory marketing strategies
that captivate the senses and generate unique experiences.

Our Strategy

Deep analysis of your brand and its objectives

We understand your essence and your goals to develop tailored strategies.

Design of immersive sensory experiences

Aromas, sounds, textures and visuals that impact and connect with your audience.

Comprehensive solutions for all of Mexico

We implement effective strategies in México City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and any city in the country.

Expert team in the latest trends

We guarantee results with innovative and avant-garde strategies

Contact us today and live the My Zent experience.

Some of our clients

Know how sensory marketing
helps your brand

Fill in your contact information and get personalized information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sensory marketing has several benefits. It helps improve brand recognition, increase customer loyalty, create memorable experiences, stand out in a competitive market, and create a deeper emotional connection with customers.

Sensory marketing can help your business in a variety of ways. It can strengthen your brand perception, increase customer retention, generate additional sales, improve customer satisfaction, and differentiate you from the competition.

Olfactory branding is a marketing strategy that uses distinctive scents to create a recognizable brand identity. The goal is to associate a specific aroma with a brand to generate memories and positive emotions in customers.

Olfactory marketing is important because the sense of smell is closely linked to emotions and memories. Scents can influence customers' moods, create a pleasant atmosphere and improve the overall experience, which in turn can build loyalty and increase sales.

Sensory marketing is a broader approach that involves all the senses, while olfactory marketing focuses specifically on the sense of smell. Olfactory marketing is an integral part of sensory marketing and can complement other sensory strategies to create a more complete experience.

To implement sensory marketing in your business, it is important to understand your brand and your customers. Identify the sensory elements that best align with your brand identity and create a coherent strategy that involves those elements in your physical spaces, products and marketing communications.

Yes, at My Zent we offer personalized sensory marketing services to meet the specific needs of your business. We specialize in creating tailored strategies and offering unique sensory solutions that fit your brand and business objectives.

We offer our sensory marketing services in various locations, including Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. Contact us to discuss your location and explore how we can help you implement sensory marketing strategies in your business.


Somos expertos en crear experiencias en marketing sensorial para tu marca

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